Silk bandana scarfs, Hermès. Favorites when in New York (well, actually I’m wearing mine several times a week). The green one belongs to Lisa.  
By columbine
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Teaser of  Chanels new film “Reincarnation”, by Karl Lagerfeld.
By columbine
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Top, Nike. Shirt, Maison Martin Margiela. Pants, Greta. Bag, Adax. Backpack, Holger bags. iPhone case, 3-Details.  ph Daniel & Caroline – Stockholmstreetstyle
By hilda
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Coat/GANNI, sweater dress/GESTUZ, jeans/CITIZENS OF HUMANITY, boots/SARENZA, bag/CHANEL, rings/JANE KØNIG I just love wearing an all grey outfit! I know, I’ve been doing it a lot lately but I just…
By Funda
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The Line / The…
Photos by Carolina Engman One of my favorite places to shop in New York is The Apartment by The Line. It’s a “shoppable” apartment where everything from the couches to the…
By Carolina Engman
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I saw these Nikes standing next to the pool one day in Miami and fell in love. Perfect everyday sneakers! x
By hilda
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  Every Christmas I’ve got lots of jewellery on my wish list, and this year I’m wishing for this stunning piece by Alighieri. There’s something irresistible and 1970s-ish about it,…
By blameitonfashion
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There’s a lot of sample sales and pop up stores going on at the moment and here are a few that you should pay a visit if you have some…
By hilda
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camel & khaki
Pictures by Mattias Swenson This gigantic wool scarf from Acne has been my best friend during the colder days this fall. It’s so big you could easily use it as a…
By Carolina Engman
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Ljus i mörkret
Detta är min bästa kompis för tillfället.
By viola
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nigo for adidas originals.
By nataliekarlsson
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Last weekend I was invited by Cointreau to a lovely brunch at Supper (my favorite restaurant in town). The brunch was of course filled with great food and Cointreau drinks,…
By emmamattson
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  Two weeks ago Pierre Cardin opened his new museum “Passé-Présent-Futur” in Le Marais @5 rue St-Merri as a celebration of his creations. Find 200 mannequins dressed in Haute Coutre from the start…
By nathalie
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Sui He for The…
Photos: net-a-porter
By miuccia
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Bang Bang
Igår på lunchen fick jag ett infall och klippte gardinlugg! Nöjd! I got bangs!
By viola
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Love from Oslo!
    Denna veckan är jag i Oslo och plåtar för Helly Hansen. Jag gick min make-up utbildning här 1999 men har inte varit tillbaka sedan dess. hade nästan glömt…
By alexandraaronsson
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I’ll try anything once,…
…three times just to be sure. Maybe I’ll just keep on trying for the rest of my life. Why not? Today was a long day. Photoshoot (lovely clothes I wanted…
By semra
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  I can finally share the news with you that the blog is moving over to RODEO.NET, Gaaah I’m so excited. I promise to tell you more when I have a date…
By chrystelle
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ALTEWAISAOME and Sony releases a minimalistic SmartBand
With the goal to create an exclusive accessory without losing the minimalist aesthetics or technique, the fusion between…
Watch Aesop’s beautiful video ‘The Guild of Artisans’
This beautiful video “The Guild of Artisans” by Aesop pays a tribute to the craftsmanship…
Take a selfie and give people access to clean water!
Saltvattenhår efter en dag på stranden, ett glas med kallt vatten efter en varm dag…
Binx, Malaika, Daphne, Jamie and crew takes #mycalvins like never seen before
Watch top models Binx Walton, Jamie Bouchert, Daphne Groeneveld, Nadja Bender, Malaika Firth, Camille Rowe and…
The Best Halloween Model-Moments on Instagram
It’s the time of the year when it’s okay to release the wild, creative and…
On the streets of Moscow Spring/Summer 2015 by Le 21emé
Here’s a peek of what the people at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia wore, including…
Gareth Pugh thinks in black and more quotes about black in fashion
Black. Colour of mystery and mortality, Anna Wintour hates it, while Abercrombie & Fitch banned…
Carin Wester celebrates 10 years with a best of-collection
Swedish brand Carin Wester celebrates 10 years with an exclusive collection with the most popular…
Karlie Kloss fronts Nike’s new collab with Pedro Lourenço
Nike keeps encouraging women to get a healthy lifestyle in the latest collaboration with Brasilian…
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No words needed👌 @alighieri_jewellery #inspiration #alighieri #lafortuna #eyeson #blamefashionwishlist #perfectpieces
The prettiest ear cuff of them all, a silk camisole and the clutch I'll be…
Balcony breakfast🍸[stockholm]
Im coming home Stockholm! #yourlocalsuperhero
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